Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fine Tune to God's Message

God takes care of things in his very special way. When terrible things happen to us, we don't have to worry too much. Past experience told me again and again that when I ask for his help, he will reply in his very special way. As long as we listen to him and fine tune to his message, he will lead us to a solution that is to our best interest.

Yield to Higher Power

Indecisiveness causes great stress and pain. The best way to get out of this situation is to yield and let the higher power to take over.


Oftentimes in life, we come to a crossroad and have to decide where to go. We hit a point that makes us puzzled. Well, this is also time to rethink, to adjust, and to make new decisions.

Once the new goal is set, and the new decisions are made, we can march forward again with a clear mind and firm steps.

Balanced World

Look at the colorful trees in fall, they are so beautiful in distance. However, it is so hard to pick one piece of perfect leave without any defects.

The world we live in is a beautiful world. But it is by no means a perfect world, and it never will be.

By its natural force, the world tries to come to a balance at all times. Balanced world is the best status of this planet. What human should do is to understand the natural balance and make efforts along this line.

Polish to Shine

We are like gems. We have good inner qualities and high potential value, but we need to go through polishing and repeated polishing in order to shire.

Life Journey

Life is like a train ride. People get on and off the train at each station. We have company by someone for sometime during some part of the trip. But each one has a different destination that has to be completed by oneself.

Choice of Step

All things in life are connected. One step leads to another. The end result depends on the choice of each step taken.

Willing Mind

God speaks in the voice of all beings. Only the willing mind will hear.

Clear the Mind

Clear the mind, so we can hear. Hear the right message without noise.

Guidance Amidst Noises

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. When we are ready to listen, the guidance will appear, though sometimes from distance or amidst all kinds of noises.


Responsibilities are given to those who have the quality of being responsible and can be depended upon.

Catch Up Time

Time plays a fair game. If you plan well you always have better chance to catch up with time. If you do not plan ahead, time will pass you by and will slip away.

Listen to the Guidance

Listen. Listen to the guidance each step I go. Purify my heart and be kind to everyone around me.

One Step at a Time

Once you know where you are going, and you make one firm step at a time, you always have the chance to get there.

American Dream

America is a symbol of justice and freedom. One has to fight to get them. This is part of my "American Dream".

Law of Universe

God is the law of universe. He doesn't have personal feelings. He acts in the best interest of man and nature.

Peace and Unity of the World

Understanding is the only way towards peace and unity of the world.